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Pressure vessels

We manufacture welded steel pressure vessels, tanks and atypical pressure vessels, vertical or horizontal, with one or more pressure chambers.

The pressure vessels we manufacture are provided with certification which may differ according to the market to which the pressure vessel is exported. Within the EU states, we manufacture and commission pressure vessels in conformity with PED. Thanks to the advanced technology, many years of experience and sufficient production areas, we are able to deliver made-to-measure pressure vessels according to the customer’s documentation, including transport to the place of destination. In conformity with the project documentation presented, we always prepare an individual price calculation for the customer.

Production capacities

Our company has at its disposal sufficient technical and machine equipment enabling manufacture of pressure vessels of the following parameters:

  • maximum diameter of vessel jacket: 2 200 mm
  • maximum length of single gore: 3 000 mm
  • maximum total vessel length: 12 000 mm
  • maximum total vessel weight: 6000 kg
  • thickness of jacket sheets: 4 – 16 mm

By customer’s request, we can equip pressure vessels with accessories, such as:

  • technological necks in the jacket, bottom and lid,
  • technological piping,
  • necks for measuring and control devices in the jacket, bottom and lid,
  • float or tube level indicators.

Why pressure vessels from the HANAKOV company?

  1. Within the EU states, we manufacture and commission pressure vessels in conformity with PED.
  2. Our welders have extended authorization for welding pressure vessels.
  3. We manufacture pressure vessels for various types of working media and for the required pressures and temperatures.
  4. We provide the products with technical accompanying documentation (passport, EC certificate, inspection report,…).
  5. Quality control is performed during production; the final evaluation is carried out by a notified person of TÜV SÜD (we provide for non-destructive tests and pressure tests) .


Inspection and quality of pressure vessels

  • for production, we use materials suitable for manufacture of pressure vessels, which are in conformity with European material approvals,
  • we provide certificates (attestations) of the materials used; the materials used are sufficiently resistant in the pressure vessel environment and are not subject to changes of chemical and physical properties,
  • within the EU states, we manufacture and commission pressure vessels in conformity with the provisions of the Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council 97/23/EC (PED directive), up to the module G incl., in conformity with the Government Regulation No.26/2003 Coll.,
  • our employees  making permanent joints have extended authorization for welding pressure vessels and their qualification is assessed according to the PED directive,
  • welding procedures for permanent joints of pressure equipment are approved by the notified person of TÜV SÜD,
  • inspection of permanent joints of pressure equipment is done by qualified persons in conformity with pertinent standards (EN, ČSN, DIN) by the capillary method, penetration and ultrasonic method or by radiography by customer’s request,
  • we execute final surface treatment by means of ecological paints in our own paint shop; alternatively, surface METALLIZATION (zinc plating) is possible; we provide the pressure vessels with the specified CE marking and marking of the individual pressure-stressed components of pressure vessels,
  • we provide for internal checks during production and supervision of the final assessment,
  • we perform the final non-destructive tests and pressure tests within the final assessment of the pressure vessels completed,
  • the notified person carrying out supervision of pressure tests of our vessels is TÜV SÜD,
  • we provide technical accompanying documentation for products – attached passport  of the pressure vessel with the final assessment certificate, with EC certificate and EC verification of the unit, with the inspection report and EC declaration of conformity,
  • assessment of conformity of every equipment before its introduction in the market is done by the EC verification.