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One of the major, rapidly developing parts of the HANAKOV company’s production scheme is manufacture of sophisticated welded structures and special welded parts according to the customer’s individual demands. We weld and deliver custom-made parts for various industries.

The manufacture is ensured by a team of competent welders with state certificates and many years of experience. We meet extensive demand for welding of steel materials of various kinds, including stainless steel, etc.

On the basis of the documentation presented, we manufacture:

  • equipment of foundries (heat exchangers for cooling of foundry sand and stainless tubing for exchangers, mould boxes, shakers, etc.),
  • pressure and non-pressure vessels and tanks (with/out certification),
  • welded structures and welded parts (electric motor frames, piping systems and fittings, etc.),
  • further production by customers’ demands.

The EN 1090-1 certification attests the introduction of the quality system within the entire process of welding production, thanks to which we a competitive company on both home and foreign markets.

The high welding quality is also guaranteed by an independent accredited certification body providing for welding inspection to ensure the system and optimize the manufacturing quality.

The welding methods most widely used in the HANAKOV company include:

Method acc. to EN ISO 4063 European abbreviation American abbreviation Method description
131 MIG GMAW Arc welding with fusion electrode in inert gas
135 MAG GMAW Arc welding with fusion electrode in active gas
136 MAG FCAW Arc welding with filled electrode (tubular wire) in active gas
141 TIG (WIG) GTAW Arc welding with non-consumable (tungsten) electrode in inert gas
311 GW OFW Fusion welding with oxyacetylene flame

Pressure vessels

in conformity with PED approved by TÜV SÜD

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Vessels, tanks

tanks, silos and containers for industrial use

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Welded structures

according to individual customer requirements.

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In case you are interested in our welding shop production capabilities, please contact us via the contact form or contact the Sales Department. We will prepare an individual solution of manufacturing and price quotation when we receive your inquiry.

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